The Hickory Horned Devils are a six-piece string band. Deeply rooted in the traditional sound of old-time Appalachian fiddle and banjo music, they also have a foot firmly in the modern world.  The Hickory Horned Devils play a lively blend of old-time, Americana, alt-country, and blues, with the occasional pop song thrown in for good measure.  It all comes together into a foot-stompin', fun groove that will get you on your feet dancing. The Devils play at bars, farm parties, weddings, and other private events around New Hampshire and New England.

Jen Albee, singer for the Hickory Horned Devils
Ray Ciemny, banjo for Hickory Horned Devils
Britt Lundgren, fiddle for Hickory Horned Devils
Will Platt, mandolin for Hickory Horned Devils
John Hardin Sawyer, guitar for Hickory Horned Devils
Mark Sevilla, upright bass for Hickory Horned Devils

Jen Albee is a stay at home mom to her three beautiful boys. She found she had a voice when she was a young girl and grew up singing along with country music (her very first cd was Billy Ray Cyrus- yikes.) Jen pulls inspiration from many different artists such as Etta James, Whitney Houston and Adelle. In 2012, she auditioned for a little show called American Idol and made it all the way to Hollywood Week. She learned a lot about herself and her strength as a vocalist through that process and she's very thankful for it. Being asked to be a part of The Hickory Horned Devils has been such a fulfilling and eye opening experience for her and she feels so lucky to have the opportunity to sing alongside such talented musicians.

You may have seen Ray Ciemny when he was on tour with Daisy and the Mudflaps during the Old Time Music Revival of the 80’s. After taking a break from the road to raise a family he's now holding down the melodic rhythm section of the band on the banjo. He still recalls the words to a few of the old tunes.

Britt Lundgren grew up listening to rock 'n roll and training to be a classical violinist.  But somewhere in her twenties, Britt discovered the joy of playing old-time fiddle and has never looked back. Previous bands include Washington, D.C. based Hollertown and the Boston based Jake Leg Jug Luggers. When she's not fiddling, she's working on organic agriculture and sustainability at Stonyfield.  

Multi-instrumentalist and violin maker Will Platt began his musical career at age 13 when, after getting his first guitar, he immediately learned to play it behind his head. Some years later, after growing tired of hauling two guitars, an amp, and piles of gear to every gig Will took up the much more portable mandolin. He then discovered that he was now expected to bring two guitars, an amp, piles of gear, and a mandolin to every gig. Will has played mandolin, bass, kontra, and guitar in many ensembles including Hollertown, The Yurodivy Quintet, the Jake Leg Jug Luggers and O Ultimo Rebelde. Will is very happy to finally play in a band where he is only expected to bring the mandolin.


John Sawyer was born in Nashville, Tennessee and has spent most of his life in Macon, Georgia - home of Little Richard, Otis Redding, and The Allman Brothers Band. Upon moving to New Hampshire, he was pleased to discover that not all of the tall tales they tell down South about Yankees are true. John grew up immersed in all kinds of music - from hymns to the blues to bluegrass - but mostly he just enjoys making good music with good people. He is excited to be playing guitar and singing with the fine folks in the Hickory Horned Devils.

After laser eye surgery in 6th grade, the doctor told Mark he would be best suited for a quiet life pursuing hobbies such as chess. Rock climbing, surfing, skateboarding and the exploration of Classical Guitar was Mark’s own prescription.  This led to other string instruments and various styles of music along the way. When he’s not teaching String Orchestra in the Manchester School District, Mark enjoys playing the upright bass and mandolin, singing, and as a member of the National Ski Patrol, he assists those in need of medical attention due to unplanned snow sport dilemmas.